Welford War Memorial


“And all the time boys were being born or growing up in the parish, expecting to follow the plough all their lives, or, at most, to do a little mild soldiering or to go to work in a town.  Gallipoli?  Kut?  Vimy Ridge?  Ypres?  What did they know of such places?  But they were to know them, and when the time came they did not flinch.”

Flora Thompson, Lark Rise to Candleford

This record of commemoration is dedicated to the men of the Parish of Welford, West Berkshire, who gave their lives in the two World Wars.  Its aim is to honour their sacrifice and to help preserve their memory by endeavouring to present something of each man’s family background, pre-war life and service in the war.

Some of these men were from established local families, well-documented in the parish records, whose present day members have been able to share with us their memories of the fallen.  Others, sadly, made less of a lasting mark on the local community.

Whether their memory is still cherished by their families or they are now simply Known Unto God - MAY THEY ALL REST IN PEACE

Parishioners gathered at Welford Park to celebrate the Coronation of King George V, June 1911.  Many of the young men and boys pictured here were in uniform a few years later.  ​Sadly, their names are for the most part no longer known to us, and we are left to speculate which of them are named on the War Memorial.