Roll of Honour from Welford Parish Magazine, September 1915

Several references have been made in the text to the Rolls of Honour published by the Newbury Weekly News and the Welford Parish Magazine.  Many such publications carried Rolls like this, although for various reasons they tended to be discontinued as the war progressed.  This example appeared in the Welford Parish Magazine in September 1915.  Due to the poor quality of the original article a transcription is provided.


We publish this month what we hope is a complete list of those from this parish who have answered the call of duty and are serving or have served their country.  Of these Corpl. F. Wells was killed in action, and Albert Butler died of wounds:

Capt. H. L. Archer Houblon, Capt. R. Archer Houblon, Lieut. R. E. Archer Houblon, Major R. Cobbold, Capt. R. Waud, 2nd Lieut. G. H. W. Blackman, Sergt. F. H. Blanchard, W. F. Blanchard, Qr.-Master Sergt. H. S. Rolfe, Corpl. P. L. Rolfe, Staff-Sergt. A. T. Rolfe, Staff-Sergt. W. Pope, Sergt. Pope, Frank Pope, Charles Pope, Corpl. A. V. Moore, Corpl. F. Wells, James Wells, Fred Wells, Thos. Butler, Arthur Butler, John Butler, Albert Butler, B. Butler, Alfred Dean, G. Barnes, J. Barnes, C. Goodall, Gilbert Brown, W. Brown, Harry Kempster, F. Martin, Frank Smith, T. Eacott, W. Eacott, J. Phillips, W. Wakefield, James Wakefield, R. E. Potter, John Pike, F. G. Herbert, Sergt. F. Masters, Sergt. F. Hamblin, C. H. Chandler, F. Shepherd, Eli Trayhorne, F. Hammond, F. Vockins, F. Barlow, Corpl. J. Harris, J. C. Perris, A. Walters, J. Greening, J. Kempster, F. Canning, A. Canning, H. Canning, F. Bollin, E. Lambourn, S. Shunn, Corpl. O. P. Attewell, W. Huntley, C. Plumb, A. C. Harris, C. Vaukins, S. Simmons.  The following names are also on our Roll of Honour list by request:- Capt. E. Charrington, Albert Huntley, Fred Plank, W. Tanner, and C. Robbins.