Thank you for visiting my website about the history of the parish of Welford cum Wickham, West Berkshire.  This parish comprises six settlements - Welford, Wickham, Weston, Easton, Hoe Benham and Halfway.

The initial purpose of this website is for it to act as a record of Remembrance for the men named on the parish war memorial.  Its launch in 2014 will correspond with the centenary of the beginning of the Great War in 1914.

This material is based on research which I carried out several years ago on behalf of the Welford cum Wickham History Association, and which was published in my booklet The Welford War Memorial in 2008.  Setting up this website has enabled me to update this research with further material which has subsequently come to light, and with reference to sources such as the 1911 census which were not available at the time of original publication.

In due course, I hope to expand the scope of the website to include other material relating to:

  • The men of the parish who served in the Great War and survived;
  • The men and women of the parish who served in the Second World War.

It will also act as an ever growing ‘archive’ of the articles I have written about the general history of the parish, which have appeared over the last few years in the Welford parish magazine. Highlights will include:

  • A history of the pubs and brewing in the parish
  • Crimes and misdemeanours
  • Parish mysteries and folklore
  • Trades and occupations of parishioners
  • ... and lots more!

I would be grateful to anyone with any relevant information or photographs about the history of the parish or its inhabitants, to contact me via the Guest Book.  If you have any comments on this website or suggestions for further research I'd be happy to hear from you.  Although I am in no way a professional historian I will do my best to respond to all enquiries, or at least try to advise on where such queries should be best directed.

The website is still very much a work in progress, however I hope you enjoy using it and learning more about the history of this interesting parish and its people.  

Best wishes    

Bob Chandler                                                          


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